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July 13th: the Final Vote.

Dear friends, family, and supporters,


On June 29th, the Charter Commission's Applications Committee met to discuss the DreamHouse Ewa Beach application.  Of the five Committee members present, three were able to vote (two recused themselves due to personal relationships with team members); thus, there was no quorum for an official vote.  Discussion, however, was robust and where we landed was (a) moving the final vote to the July 13th Commission meeting, and (b) discussing pre-opening assurances that would need to be met in order for a charter.


This is good news; it is the most we could have hoped for from the Applications Committee meeting.  The Committee also made it very clear to us that two main factors stand in our way from a green light: facilities and funding.


Facilities: We have had many promising conversations with community leaders, organizations, elected officials, and developers; however, it has been difficult to land on working language or an MOU without a charter on our end.  We remain committed to finding short- and long-term facilities options for DreamHouse, and feel an approved charter will clear the path for these conversations.


Funding: With over $110,000 raised as of June 30th (35% of our 2017-18 planning year budget), we have been asked to show letters of interest, support, or commitment from institutional funders (foundations, grant-making organizations, etc.).  We feel these letters are the key to the July 13th decision.


Please join us during this final stage.  Two ways:


(1) A letter of interest or commitment from a foundation, corporation, organization, or grant-making organization;


(2) A letter of interest from an organization or landholder that could lead to conversations about a site or facility for DreamHouse.


You can e-mail these letters directly to, or you may call Alex Teece (proposed founding school director) at (808) 354-0476.


Mahalo for your time and support.  We hope you will join us.



DreamHouse Founding Team














(former student of DreamHouse founding team member) :)

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