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"Do you think every graduate will be successful?"

January 22, 2018

At last Thursday's Community Engagement & Information Event, a young man (5th grader in 'Ewa Beach), in between a big bite of a sandwich, and with all eyes in the room on him, asked a thoughtful question to the founding DreamHouse team:


"At your school, do you think every kid who graduates will be successful?"


Simple question, right?  Your gut answer is "yes", as this is what you strive for, this is what you have written into your vision statement and plans - this is what you believe.


"Yes; we do"


But, that is only part one of the answer.  Part two, is that success is a partnership.  It is a partnership between school and home; student and teacher; community and classroom.  It is the act of partnering while at school, in and out of the classroom, with fellow learners, mentors, community members, and friends.  A strong, integrated network of partners, who are committed to learning and growing alongside of each other, is an important, foundational aspect of student success.


Our community event on Thursday, January 18th was one those moments that you are appreciative and humbled by who is in the room.  From parents and children, to interested community members, to potential staff, each person who gathered on the 2nd floor of the 'Ewa Beach Community Center last Thursday night brought energy, curiosity, and hope to our work.


Mahalo to everyone who joined us, and we hope to see you (and many new faces) on Thursday, February 15th at 6PM at the 'Ewa Beach Public Library for our 2nd Community Engagement & Information Event.  We look forward to food, conversation, and most of all, the partnership that moves this school closer to opening for our keiki.


Have a wonderful week.






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