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"Summer Melt" (and how to stop it)

"Its another firey afternoon,
Hotter than the month of June,
So we should go beach now,
cool down where the waters right.

Lets grab our boards and run, run, run, run,
Run to the nearest shore,
School is pau, lets go now,
And hele out the door!"


- Kalohe Kai, Cool Down


Summer is here!  Congratulations to all the graduates and those taking the next leap in their education.  Whether you are heading to college, or just heading to the 6th grade, it is one step forward in your life; one step toward your future.


Summer is a time to catch up with family and friends, to stretch your mind after the long school year, and to lift your head up from those books, tests, and papers to enjoy what else life has to offer.


But, beware!  Summer is also a slippery slope in terms of losing all of that knowledge and skill you built throughout the school year.


In a 2011 report commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, multiple studies found that children can lose upwards up two months of learning during the summer break, a causal phenomenon known as “summer slide” or “summer melt”.


Now, we are not saying that standardized tests and reading/math scores are the end-all be-all for what our children know and can do.  What we are saying is that blending summer fun with some enjoyable learning and development opportunities will only help them come fall.


Some ideas for "stopping the summer melt":

  • Grab a great book!  There are tons of great books out there for children of all ages, available at public libraries, book sales, and even on for a penny (seriously, I have gotten multiple used books for less than $1).

  • See an educational movie or documentary!  Entertaining, Hollywood movies are fine, but there are also some really, really great documentaries out there; this will get your child's gears turning in their mind, spur further research, and maybe spark some new interests!

  • Pick up a hobby!  Not saying that everyone has to knit (nothing against knitting; I love knitting), but there are some great, inexpensive/free hobbies out there that will energize and activate your child (paddling, hula, collecting, jewelry making, exploring their family tree & genealogy, etc.).

  • Attend summer camp!  There are some great summer opportunities for children of all ages this summer, including DreamHouse's Summer Accelerator; sign your child up for a summer experience that fits their interests to ensure they are keeping active, social, and engaged this summer.

We wish all children and families a restful, rejuvenating summer that is full of good fun and future memories.  Keep an eye on that summer melt and feel free to reach out to DreamHouse with any thoughts, ideas, or questions regarding how to keep your kids active, energized, and engaged this summer!


Aloha nui,


The DreamHouse 'Ohana




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