At our core, we are committed to graduating children college-, career-, and community-ready.  This means all of our 8th graders are on grade level; each child is on pace to graduate on-time; achievement gaps are analyzed and addressed; and 100% of children are accepted to college.

We are committed to opening doors of opportunity through high expectations, consistent support, and a culture of achievement.


"Our kids can't know where they are going, until they know where they are from."

- Dr. Michael J. Chun, Letter of Support

Self-awareness, interpreting core beliefs, and the construction of an authentic ideology are critical elements to adolescent identity development.  DreamHouse is committed to being a place of growth and understanding for the future leaders of our islands.


Parents are our partners.


The strength of our relationships with parents and family will determine the strength of the foundation for our children.  We are invested in building an integrated web of support and encouragement for our students at DreamHouse, and beyond.


Our educational model, school schedule, and curriculum focus on integrating a diverse set of leadership development frameworks to build an immersive, reflective, and growth-oriented leadership experience.


DreamHouse is - and has always been - a collaboration of community voices, coming together to reimagine "school" and to build a blue sky version of what education can and will be for our children.  Community is the greatest asset to our work; it is through community that the vision, mission, and goals for DreamHouse have been built. 

"The initiative is well grounded in local educational experience and partnership with the Ewa Beach community."

- Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Letter of Support



We believe in and are committed to our responsibility

for culturally relevant, place-based learning.  We have and continue to learn from the people, organizations, and land that have shaped the development of this school.  Our connectedness to the islands, and to each other, is a crucial component in the learning, growth, and experience of our children.